Helpful Reflections, and Mimes

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I love this.
It is sacred to me.

Scared to me
Sad Girl

Causes of Childhood Trauma

Emotional abuse.
Physical abuse.
Sexual abuse
Separation from a parent.
Serious Illness

These are often a reason for Complex PTSD

Divorce and Separation

A person going through a breakup may feel like a failure and experience guilt, fear, anxiety, depression, and grief. Counseling offers support as you face the challenges and emotions that accompany this difficult time. I can help you learn necessary skills to cope in a healthful manner during this trying period. You will gain a understanding of the dynamics that led to the current situation, process and understand your negative emotions.
You will determine what you want from a future relationship and establish the selection criteria to do so. You can look ahead to your future and start the next chapter with confidence and enthusiasm.

Hanging on heart
Anxious Eyes

Triumph Over Trauma & PTSD!

You don't have to Suffer Silently any longer.
Hopefully you will strive to allow your mind to process what happened and accept it without shame, remorse, or guilt.
Trauma can hide in your brain and cause havoc with your body and emotions.
Treating ourselves with compassion can be difficult. Giving ourselves understanding can be viewed as making excuses, or encouraging self pity.
It's been known for a quite a while that people who do constant post mortems on their shortcomings and circumstances are more prone to depression and social isolation.

Our Inner Child

Everyone has secrets, and has often experienced some trauma linked to our inner child. It's likely that our inner child needs healing. It makes no difference if the harm was caused by physical or psychological abuse. The pain can stay with us for the rest of our lives and it may be triggered unexpectedly.
When we do inner-child work we begin to understand the basis for our fears, neurosis, and life issues. As we begin to understand them, then healing, and growth will occur.

Inner child

Emotional pain can be as debilitating as physical pain.

We often judge ourselves or have shame for the way we feel. "What's wrong with me?" Try not to judge yourself but allow some compassion as you would a friend. It does not have to make sense to anyone else. Your feelings are your feelings! Heartbreak, grief, or loss of any kind can be devastating Sharing how you feel with someone trustworthy, can help to ease your burden.
Remember - there is nothing wrong with you!


Help, Hope, Healing

I believe it is never too late to heal, grow, or change. I am extremely passionate about these topics and in my personal life I do my best to work to dismantle the structures that uphold violence and hatred in our communities. I believe in being a therapist and an activist and that someone cannot be a safe therapist without challenging systemic oppression. I assist clients to explore how systems are impacting their health and how to disrupt this impact, rather than adjust to living beneath it.

Adult ADHD

Life can be a balancing act for any adult, but if you find yourself constantly late, have time management issues, are disorganized, forgetful, often lose things, and overwhelmed by your responsibilities, you may have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), previously known as ADD. ADHD affects many adults, and its wide variety of frustrating symptoms can hinder everything from your relationships to your career.
Some regard certain ADHD traits as beneficial. Creativity and Spontaneity. Astounding Problem-Solving Skills. Having Endless Amounts of Energy. Ability to Hyperfocus.


Who am I behind the mask?

Why do masks originate? When we reach about 6 or7 we start to become self aware. Different reasons cause to develop masks of who we think we should be. Masks are created because an event has happened that may have scared us, shamed us, or made us feel less than, thus we go into a protection mode. We create masks that we think will shield us from similar circumstances. We do this because of our developed fears. We are born with two fears. The fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. Every other fear, be it rational or irrational, is created by our mind. Some of these fears are; the fear of failure which creates the overachiever mask. The fear of disapproval which creates the people pleaser mask. It's vital to recognize these fears originate from the largest fear of all and that is the fear of being vulnerable. We are reluctant to let someone actually see the real us. We allow ourselves to be dictated by ‘what ifs' and as a result, we never realize a life of fulfillment.